The Food Network Can Be A Travel Guide To Adventure

Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

The Food Network that I watch on Specials on Directv is a gateway to the world. Not only are chefs from around the world occasionally features, but they have a variety of traveling chefs that take you to foreign countries and tempt you with foods of foreign lands. There is no denying that following one of their favorite chefs through their meanderings by train, boat, plane and motorbike makes one want to call a travel agent and book the next flight out to the dazzling location that has left us tempted. Following in the footsteps of the Food Network’s traveling chefs might be one of the most exciting travels of our lives.

Of course, if one isn’t able to travel, just watching the cameras panning through foreign markets and into foreign kitchens is like traveling without leaving the couch. The Food Network has much to entertain its viewers but the most exciting is their special programs with their world traveling master chefs.

One of their most unusual program was watching their chef shopping in a Saigon market. The travel show featuring the foods of Saigon was very remarkable.

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