The Meaning of Life

My goals are not mine; I gave those up along time ago. I only want to serve Him faithfully.

I don’t have dreams; I have a vision that will come true in spite of any of my own failures.
Since this vision is not mine but His, I have little idea what it will look like and even if I did I wouldn’t be able to comprehend it.
I’ve already lost most of my older friends, and He has provided many, many more. I will always have my Order but, more importantly, I will always have Him. Even should I die alone, a martyr in the wilderness, I am not alone.
I have turned away from work and instead labor alongside Him; what sleep I receive is a gift from Him.
Regardless of the death I am given at life’s end it is His gift and will that sustains me, likewise the same that “bids me come unto” Him, as I pray in my favorite prayer (the “Anima Christi”).
I likely will not marry; the One to whom I’ve given my life cannot die and will never leave me alone.
I will one day have more children than I can count…thousands will call me “Father” one day.
I care not for riches; I have taken a vow of poverty. I WANT to die poor! Perhaps I will age and be helpless; praise God that I will die humble and not proud, that I might be received by Him in Heaven all the more quickly!
I will likely be in a nursing home with the same men I served God with all my life; I will be among friends and not strangers.

Well, Dan, you tried to get me down, but I guess your Doomsday Prophecy doesn’t apply to me.
For the rest of you, do not despair: yes, the future holds within it great trial and sadness but great joy and beauty also and, more importantly at life’s fullest end, if we have been faithful, joy and beauty the likes of which can only be spoken of in ancient verses and song! Do not be afraid!

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