The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo, located in Balboa Park in San Diego California. One of the oldest zoo in the US. It was built in 1915. It has an average of 100 acres big zoo. Its has a almost 4000 numbers of animals and  950 species. It has the Big pandas where everybody awaits to see.

Here are some of the animals that you can see in San Diego Zoo:

1. Caribbean Flamingo
2. Tree Kangaroo
3. Koala
4. Antelope
5. Okapi
6. Heron
7. Chacoan Peccary
8. Vaal Rhebok
9. Spring Bok
10. Polar Bear

Since the zoo is very big and wide. These animals were provided to have the exact environment that they used to live, where they can move freely at their best. Whenever you have the chance to visit San Diego, don’t forget to take a look at San Diego Park and witness the great animals. The best and different among the zoo that you ever visited before. There’s food, bench, big place to walk at too and to enjoy. Not just a zoo but a park as well. Good for the whole family. Even adult would enjoy the great animal scenery.

You can also check their website, where you can see some of their offering and even buy tickets online in advance for your family zoo escapades.

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