The Value of a Person

You speak the truth, but sadly, society does not agree. People are judged by their financial status. As someone who is on the lower end of the monetary spectrum, I know this all too well. I know how people look at those who lack the funds others possess. We are branded as lazy, incompetant, undriven and even stupid. But because one is poor they are not necessarily any of these. Some of us are just born into unfortunate circumstances, others have made bad choices and some were robbed of all they had by shear misfortune.

Unfortunately, society doesn’t care. They take you at face value and nothing more. Why bother to take the time to find out why that man is begging on a street corner, or why that single mother is struggling to keep her children fed. No, its easier to judge them as “bums” or “losers” and go about their own way. People dont understand because they dont want to understand. Understanding takes time, and goodness forbid anything take away any of that time. Its more important they abuse their priviledge. Because, in the end, thats what matters most, right? Looking at the way society is, it certainly seems that way. Who cares about those who fell between the cracks? No one it seems.

Ironically though, when those who have are the ones to fall, they are the ones who cry the loudests for help when before “help” meant “weakness” to them.

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