The White Man’s Burden

The White Man’s Burden

White people are quickly becoming the minority.  More nonwhites are being born than white people in the U.S.  Here is the link:  Link

So here is my list of demands:

1.  I want to get free education.  I want a United White Fund and I want to pretend it is not racist.  But I also want everyone else to play along.

2.  I want food stamps and other free benefits given by the government.

3.  I want money taken from other people and given to me.  My basic plan is for the government to do this and we will pretend it is fair.

4.  I want free health care.  I hope we can pretend that more people involved in the system will just cause it to be paid for.

5.  I want to pay no income tax and get tax breaks called “earned income credit” even though I will admit I didn’t earn anything.

6.  I want preferential treatment in college admissions even if I am unqualified on my own merits.

7.  I want to protest in the streets when cops beat my people for crimes like assault and murder.

8.  I want to avoid college and yet still blame the 1% for my lack of progress in life.


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