The Xanga Council Should be Executed

The Xanga Council Should be Executed

Dear Xanga,

I noticed you created a product council to address products xanga should add.  My general impression so far is that they may be missing the boat.  For some reason they are not addressing the issues xangans care about.  For example, you threw out the idea of taking away footprints. 

Did no one on the “product council” suggest that that would be taking away a product?  Then there was changing the front page again?  That is not adding a product.  You mentioned building a phone app but you have been saying you have been working on that for years.  You didn’t need a product council to add an app.  Do you really need someone to tell you they want a xanga app?

So I want to make a few suggestions that I think would have widespread support.

1.  The pop up ads.  People pretty much hate them.  We are getting them with the instant messenger that you added.  The IM feature doesn’t work but the ads do.  I am not a member of any other social network that does that. 

If no one on the product council mentioned that, you pretty much need to kill them all and start all over.

This is one of them:

(Don’t let the cuteness fool you).

2.  Saving posts for viewing later.  Someone suggested this a few years ago when you asked for ideas.  They asked that you would make it possible for people to save a post that they wanted to read later.  It got 847 votes.  Here is the link:  Link

3.  Xanga App.  The xanga community voted on it 3 years ago.  It received 784 votes.  Here is the link:  Link
You don’t need a product council for this one.  The xanga community already asked for it.

4.  We should be able to opt out of mass messages and still receive private messages.  Here is the link:  Link  This received 509 votes 3 years ago. 

5.  See who recommends a post.  It would be awesome if you could scroll over someone’s recommend comments and see who recommended them. 

6.  The ability to delete messages in mass in a quick way.

7.  Blocking.  Once you block someone, that person should be blocked from contacting you from other sites under that same IP address.  This received 943 votes 3 years ago.  Here is the link:  Link

I don’t think you need a product council.  Just address the issues raised 3 years ago.  Most of them have been added by other social networks already.  It just gives the impression you are hiding behind a “product council” for little things you want to change anyway. 

The xanga community is patient.  There are the most popular ideas from three years ago.  Just work on them one by one.

Your friend,


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