The Xanga Journey

On and off since July 2002.

Friendster was all the rage, and MySpace wasn’t even a thing yet.

Everyone had Nokia phones, and they texted by typing on numbers.

Today’s services for showing the entire world every delicious thing you fucking put in your mouth didn’t exist yet, so people wrote long, 10-paragraph journal entries DESCRIBING their food.

Simple Plan was a thing, and people liking Simple Plan was also somehow a thing.

Attack of the Clones was significantly better than Phantom Menace, so everyone liked it, until a few months later when they realized they hated it.

Crying in a punk rock voice was the new punk rock, and strangling your ex-girlfriend in song was the new being in love.

Justin Bieber was still an eight-year-old kid, just like today.

My Xanga account is old enough to experience depression and post melodramatic thoughts into itself.

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