The Xanga Team is Too Busy Having Sex to Fight Trolls

The Xanga Team is Too Busy Having Sex to Fight Trolls

Recently I happened to talk with a member of the xanga team and found out they had a super secret plan for growth on xanga.  John has decided to grow xanga through reproduction. 

You will notice that John from the xanga team had two children recently.  Here is the link:  Link  But it is not just John, Eugenia is helping out too.  She had her baby:  Link

John is trying to grow xanga by having more children.  He wants us to help out.  He would prefer Asian children because it is proven that Asian children are more likely to stay on xanga.  He is even willing to give out free premium for one year for every Asian child you produce.  Even Alex is trying to hook up and help out:  Link

I asked John if there was a faster way to grow xanga like through test tube babies.  He indicated to me that they had tried that.  They tried to use the sperm of a Malaysian and make 50 Malaysian bloggers all at once.  Unfortunately, there was a mistake at xanga headquarters and the Malaysian bloggers all turned out retarded.  He said this is why he never shuts down the Malaysian blogs because he feels partially responsible.

So it is not that the xanga team does not care about trolling.  It is that they are busy having sex. 

So stop complaining about the trolls and start having sex.

We will save Xanga together.

Which Xangan would you like to reproduce with?

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