Things Affecting Your Coverage Premium

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Safe driving is more than just taking a driver’s ed course or wearing a seat belt. Sometimes, protecting your financial investment is a safe way to travel. If you drive without car insurance, you are jeopardizing your financial stability and potentially a clean record. If you think you can’t afford it, remember that old saying, you can’t afford not to have it. For car insurance quotes CT residents might be requesting, consider the following influencing factors.


The younger you are, the more expensive your premium will probably be. Teenagers and young adults are considered a greater risk and liability with driving behaviors and judgments.

Driving record

If you have had accidents in the past, an insurance company will view this as a liability and more cost to them. Therefore, your quote and coverage are likely to cost more.

Credit Score

Many people don’t realize how their credit score factors into a car insurance quote. Those with lower credit scores tend to be quoted higher costing premiums, based on data that lower rated customers tend to file more claims.

The car insurance quotes CT drivers receive take these factors into account, as well as things like location, type of car and years of driving experience. Check with a local broker for more specific influences on your quote.