Things to do in Oahu, Hawaii

Planning to taking your family for an unforgettable vacation? Then it’s time for you to bring them to Oahu, Hawaii.

Here are the lists:

1. Attend a Hawaiian feast. It is called Luau. You will enjoy singing, dancing and food attending this kind of feast in Hawaii.
2. Visit the most historic places in Honolulu.
3. Enjoy surfing to the surfing capital of the world.
4. Visit the bishop Museum too.
5. Hike and try reaching the top of Makapu‘u Point.
6. Visit Pearl Harbor, this is the top tourist destinations in Hawaii.
7. Enjoy sight seeing on top of Diamond Head and explore Waikiki and Oahu.
8. Don’t forget to shop and take home some souvenirs.
9. If you want to learn Tahitian dance, visit their Polynesian Cultural Center.
10. Visit the largest Zoo, it’s the Honolulu Zoo.
11. Enjoy eating Hawaii foods.

Oahu is not just a place for surfers and nature lovers. It’s also the place for people who wants to experience a great vacation.

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