Thinking About Your Ex

I tend to focus more on the situations and emotions of the ex, rather than the person themselves. It always ends up being that a break-up for me is just that, a break-up. My mind does this weird thing and forgets a lot of who they were, what they looked like. I mean, I do remember them, but when thinking of ex’s I don’t think of the person themselves, I think of how I felt when I was with them and how I felt when we parted. I might be weird, it might be a coping mechanism. Either way, breaking up is the hard part, forgetting them is easy. I think too, although I’ve only had three breakups, when they happen (either brought on by myself, them, or each other) for whatever reason, I get over it because I think

, we would be together if wanted to be.

Helps to get over the issue of breaking up and with moving on…which is the fun part. It involves beer and dancing, I do both very well…well, I do one of them well. I do the other well after about 20 beers. 

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