Tips for Saving Money on Insurance While You Are in School

Attending college can be an expensive endeavor. However, there are numerous discounts that can help you save on everyday things, freeing up that portion of your budget for tuition. These college student insurance discounts are a few of the easiest ways to lower insurance costs while you are in school.

Earn Good Grades

The effort you put into those late-night study sessions can pay off in more ways than one. Sure, they will help you get good grades and possibly help open doors to a post-college career path, but they can also help you save money with a discount on your auto insurance. 

Live on Campus

If you are a residential student without a vehicle on campus, your family could be saving on auto insurance. Because that vehicle will not be driven regularly, it is much less likely to be involved in an accident. Talk to your agent about residential student discounts to see how much you can save. 

Combine Multiple Policies

Having more than one policy with a single company can lead to significant savings. If you opted for renter’s insurance to cover your personal property during college, then you may qualify for a multi-policy discount.

Multi-policy, good grades and residential student discounts are just a few of the many ways you can save on insurance as a college student.