Tips for Success With Insurance Search Engine Optimization

Insurance search engine marketing

Insurance search engine marketingMore and more insurance companies are using search engine optimization (SEO) to grow their businesses and attract the customers they desire. This method is much easier than knocking on doors or trying to network with real estate agents and car dealerships. However, insurance search engine marketing still takes effort. Here are a few tips for success.


Choose the Right Keywords


First, it is important to understand that the insurance industry is competitive and most companies are already using insurance search engine marketing to attract customers. In order to climb to the top of the page, you might need to get more specific with a keyword. For example, instead of using the keyword, “auto insurance”, you might want to target a specific type of car. Your keyword could be “Honda auto insurance”. Although this word is searched less, it will help you get more traffic. The reason for this is because every time that word is searched your page is likely to be seen.


Add Cities and States to Your Keywords


In addition to choosing a more description keyword, you should also consider adding the cities and states you provide insurance in. This is because people usually look up an insurance company by the location. Therefore, when your keyword is, “homeowner’s insurance in Phoenix, Arizona”, you have a better chance of the customer finding you.


Remember to be patient with your insurance search engine marketing efforts. It may take some time and effort to increase your page views and help your website gain visibility. However, it will be worth it.