Top 3 Travel Knives

As a knife collector, I have 3 kinds of knives that stand out. They are the folding pocket knife, tactical knife and fixed blade knife.

A folding pocket knife is a handy type of knife. It is not just like any knife but can also consist of many other useful tools. It’s a knife that can fit on your wallet or pocket and can be brought anywhere you go. It’s very handy and useful kind of knife.

A tactical knife is also known as the survival knife. It is commonly used for combat and Army training grounds. It’s not just a knife but powerful weapon too. There are many types and styles of tactical knife to use. If you’re camping, you can use this for cutting small sticks for firewood or even for self defense against a wild animal.

A fixed blade knife is also called the sheath knife. It’s a strong kind of knife that does not have loose parts or movable parts like the folding knife.

If you are not familiar with the kinds of knives, you might mistake their identities. But whatever kind of knife you are using, make sure to handle it with care and know its proper usage and storage.

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