Top 5 Things to Buy in the Philippines

Philippines is a must visit country among along the Asian countries. One of the most beautiful and has the most courteous people. Philippines consist of islands located at the South East Asia. If happen you are planning to visit the Philippines, try to check out some of these;

Here are the top 5 things to buy in the Philippines:

  1. Hand Crafted Products- Philippines is known for exporting good native hand crafted products. Philippine products have been exported through out the world. When we say “it comes in the Philippines” you can be assured that it’s the best and worth the money.
  2. Souvenir items- lots of souvenir item can be found everywhere from any tourist destination spots in the Philippines. Many of their souvenirs are T-shirts, key chains, hats, maps, history books etc.
  3. Dried Fish- since Philippines is surrounded by water; many of the Filipinos are fishermen. Dried fish are exported and has been very popular. They have the dried fish (Biya, tuyo, daing, dilis, squid, etc). Dried fish are very delicious especially if served for breakfast, best if paired with fried rice, tomatoes and eggs.
  4. Tropical Fruits- many fruits can be found in the Philippines, including exotic ones. Seasonal fruits can be bought cheap and very sweet. You can bring some of it to your country and share it with your love ones. Some of their famous fruits that are also exported are; mango, durian, pineapple, bananas, pomelo etc.
  5. Exotic Foods- Philippines is known for having a lot of exotic foods. A first thing that you should try when you stay at the Philippines. Some may find it grouse but at the lather part, you’ll say it delicious. Some of their must try exotic foods are; balot (boiled duck embryo), grilled chicken and pork intestines, cooked snake, cooked frog, and others.

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