Topless at the Beach

I find it fascinating the way that people work.

It seems to me that right and left are women who are concerned that their spouses/boyfriends/fiancee’s whatever are going to oggle another woman/are not good looking enough for their spouse/SO will cheat on them. And yet, when given the oporitunity to comment on something like this, overwhelmingly the WOMEN are the ones who say “LET THEM GO TOPLESS!”…

When sex addicts/ men who confess to having serious porn addictions, etc want to get better, they often beg and plead for women to NOT flaunt these things in front of them.

I wonder how many women would really be okay with this when on the beach with their significant other and they were either A, staring hard at the topless woman (uh… yeah, they’re going to look) B, they’re staring hard at the ground now distracted from having a good time, or C, are staring really hard at THEM so as not to offend because they know they’ll make their Gf/Wife/whatever upset.

I just wonder.

I don’t personally think it’s appropriate. If people WANT to flaunt their bodies, I think they should do it in places that are designated for such things… not necessarily where small children and sandcrabs are found in mass quan-titties

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