Total Eclipse of the Heart

I cannot ever pick just one song! I love music, all music. (Except for rap/hip hop, and even there are some of those I like. Oh, but none of that screamo stuff my daughter likes!) I have a 160GB iPod with over 10,000 songs and growing all the time. But, Peter Cetera melted my heart with “Glory of Love” which has to be at least one of the best love songs ever in my book. Anything he sings, anything by Chicago. Anything by Journey. Anything by Van Halen. I am in total and completely helpless love with the electric guitar, but I also love the brass and piano. So you can’t forget Bruce Hornsby. I like the oldies, so anything by the Four Seasons, and the Supremes. And oh my GOSH, I can’t forget Phil Collins! Rich Mullins was one of the best gospel music composers ever born, so anything by him. Acapella and Glad are also really awesome. Anything by either of those groups. Carman was my hero growing up and we actually performed much of his work, so he would have to be on the list. I know every one of his skits and songs by heart, just about. And here I am only getting warmed up. So I better stop. 

Music is in my soul and my heart sings always – happy sad or in love or bitter hate. 

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