Unique Insurance Requirements For Institutions Of Higher Education

Getting the right kind of insurance coverage is important, particularly if you are an institution of higher learning.  There are certain risks that a university or college takes on that are unique to their industries, and having the appropriate coverage can help to ensure their safety.  Academic clubs, university sponsored organizations and research grants are just a few examples of the risks that colleges and universities across the nation take on.  Higher education insurance helps to offset these risks.

Higher Education InsuranceFinding a Comfortable Risk Balance

 Because assuming risk for a variety of organizations, clubs, and financial endowments is the nature of a university’s daily operations, it’s important to find a comfortable risk balance.  This can help university personnel determine what needs to be insured the most and what they might get away with insuring a bit less.  Higher education insurance can be designed in a way to provide coverage for a variety of risks. The coverage types include the following:

  • Abuse, including molestation
  • General liability
  • Automobile
  • Umbrella
  • AD&D
  • Property
  • Educator legal liability

Customizing Insurance Coverage to Meet Industry Demand

 Each college and university is unique in the assumption of risk that they take on and as such the insurance policies and endorsements they select can be customized to meet their needs.  Shouldn’t it be the objective of any insurance company to ensure that all areas of risk are properly covered? An agent who specializes in higher education insurance can provide universities and colleges with the appropriate coverage options for their unique institutions.