You manage your hotel and you hope that your insurance company will protect your hotel from potential claims. Just as there are many vital responsibilities that you take care of in the many aspects of hotel management, there are also many different areas that your insurance policy needs to cover. With an experienced hotel insurance company, you can focus on your hotel responsibilities secure in the knowledge that your hotel is covered by an adequate insurance policy.
There are many different types of hotel, ranging from luxury hotels to full-service resorts to limited service hotels to economy hotels. Each type of hotel has its own unique characteristics and areas of risk. Your hotel insurance policy should be written to cover the specific and individual traits of your hotel and should not be a blanket, one-size-fits-all policy. There are many areas of coverage to choose from. Your hotel may benefit from a policy that includes coverage for the automobiles of your guests and valet parking, or the costs of relocating guests, or the possibilities of bad food or improperly cleaned linens. Perhaps you only want general liability coverage or maybe you prefer the peace of mind that comes from an all-inclusive, comprehensive policy.
Work with the agents of the hotel insurance company to perform an assessment of your hotel’s insurance policy needs. Ask your insurance company for information on how to reduce the risks faced by your hotel and hotel guests. These services should be part of your insurance package.