We Are Not Ants

We’re pleased to note that the World Café has been mentioned in the 2011 Spanish language edition of We Are Not Ants (No Somos Hormigas), a collaboration by four young people from Spain who took Mahatma Ghandi’s challenge to “be the change you want to see” seriously.

We Are Not Ants champions positive change in a number of ways – first and perhaps most powerfully it is written from the standpoint of Appreciative Inquiry, and focuses primarily on what is working. They wanted to write a book “against the current zeitgeist of pessimism and world-weariness”, calling it a “guide-book for the well-informed optimist on the state of humanity”.

The book has three chapters – “Things That Work”, “Things That Go Wrong and Need To Be Fixed”, and “Initiatives Decicated to Positive Change”. Their piece on World Café is in the third chapter, listed under new ways of Communication. 

The authors of We Are Not Ants are converting the ideas in the book into a crowd-sourced directory of social innovation projects or organizations like the World Café Community Foundation that either

  • generate new opportunities for people
  • promote a more efficient use of material and intellectual resources
  • enable a more sustainable use of natural resources

They’ve invited readers to submit new social innovation projects and groups for publication in future printings, including the English language edition they are currently seeking a publisher for.

We thank them for the shout out and wish them all the best!

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