Wearing A Hoodie Could Get You Killed

I often walk 6 miles to and from home and work because I don’t own a car. Since Spring is only just now approaching (or here now), the mornings tend to be chilly at worst, so I wear a blackhoodie because it’s not too heavy to boil me alive, and just right to keep me warm. I work three jobs so I carry a change of clothes in my blackbackpack. My morning job requires me to wear blackpants. (By the way, I’m white.) Sometimes, depending on the temperature, I wear twohoodie jackets. TWO! And I wear both hoods! (Because I sometimes want to look really gangsta…) My walk has me traveling along a semi-busy highway just before dawn.

Whenever I stop by the 24-hour convenience store, I make sure I lower my hoodies, just because I’m not eager to provoke any worry amongst customers or clerks alike. (Go figure, though, there are about 3/4 of the customers who are black people who look gangster-like if we’re gonna jump to conclusions about who’s-who at a gas station. During my patronage to the store, though, not once has there been any trouble from the “normal” or the “gangsters”. Not the slightest.)

So this idea that a hoodie is to blame is like saying the gun went off by itself and that’s why the boy was killed. Better yet, let’s just say the hoodie strangled the poor boy and the gunman was just trying to save the boy by shooting the hoodie. Yeah,that sounds logical. Totally justifiable. … –__–

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