Wearing Your Pajamas in Public

Having solved the high unemployment rate, huge deficits and homelessness, lawmakers have turned their attention to…”    *lol*  Yeah, you’d think they’d do this first, right?!  Such idiots we pay to run our country.  And they are running it………into the ground!

Wow.  As stupid as I think it is to go out in public in your pajamas (no, it is not cute or sexy or playful – it’s a lazy bum sort of look) – I think it’s equally as stupid to ban it. 

If a man’s junk really was spotted through his pj’s and it was an accident – then give the idiot a heads up.  He probably didn’t realize.  It isn’t like jeans never have zipper malfunctions (and if the guy is goin’ commando – you might just see some junk). 

Now if it’s obvious he had to know his junk was blowin’ in the wind – cite him for public indecency.  Don’t ban pj’s altogether.  That’s stupid. 

Although if they do, there’d best be an age limit because I’m telling you now – it is SO much easier to take the kids out in their pj’s if you know you’re not getting home ’til after bedtime.  So I’d say age 7 or 8 should be the lowest they go with that law.  *lol*

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