What Does Assisted Living Insurance Cover?

Assisted Living Insurance

Providing care for senior residents of long-term care facilities encompasses many components. While ensuring occupants’ care and comfort is your nursing home’s focus, there are significant liability risks involved with the daily operations. Obtaining assisted living insurance is vital to protect you from potential legal claims.

Why Do You Need Insurance?

An adequate policy safeguards your business from lawsuits or liability claims. It helps mitigate attorney fees, court costs, medical bills and more when an accident, mishap or oversight occurs.

What Does Professional Liability Cover?

Since senior care centers offer such a wide variety of personal and medical services to individuals who cannot manage independently, they also face extensive liability exposure. This type of coverage protects nursing homes and the caregivers working there. It helps pay the cost to defend claims filed against your facility or your staff, stemming from incidents such as negligence, abuse, neglect, or medical malpractice.

What Are Some Common Risks?

Some potential incidents that could result in lawsuits include:

  • Errors: Residents often require many medications throughout the day. If a staff member makes a mistake giving medicine, a patient may experience harmful consequences.
  • Falls: Wet floors, inadequate lighting, lack of handrails, and other obstacles may cause seniors to slip and fall, resulting in injuries.
  • Transportation accidents: Assisted living residences provide transportation for residents. Accidents involving the vehicle or medical emergencies may result in personal injury claims.

Accidents happen, even under the best circumstances, making assisted living insurance a necessity for your business.