What Does Construction Liability Insurance Cover?

Construction Liability Insurance

Contractors are in an inherently dangerous line of work. Figuring out which construction insurance policies for California businesses cover industry liabilities can seem daunting.

General Liability Insurance

Insurance is an integral part of any building project. General liability insurance provides a safety net to protect your financial assets. It helps pay expenses related to many possible types of claims a construction company faces.

This type of policy will protect you from a broad range of damages, including:

Personal Injuries

Liability insurance can cover various costs such as medical bills, court-awarded compensations, attorney fees, settlements, and funeral expenses.


Construction liability insurance will safeguard you when your company causes damage to the property.

Product Claims

This coverage will manage and address damages caused by equipment your company installed.

Products-Completed Operations

A general liability policy typically covers bodily injury or property damage that occurs after a project’s completion.

Advertising Injuries

Lawsuits for copyright infringement, slander, or other issues may arise if you inadvertently mimic a competitor or make a false statement about them in your advertising.

A small accident during the building process can turn into a significant expense. Finding the right construction insurance policies for California businesses will protect you from lawsuits, claims, or damages and give you the security of knowing your assets and employees are protected.