What Insurance Coverage Does Your Courier Business Need?

Couriers are the lifeblood of the medical and legal professions. They rely on your courier service to provide timely and secure delivery of the information they need to make decisions. Make sure you’re around to provide that service for years to come with specialized insurance for couriers. Beyond the general liability required for most businesses, an agent can help you with these four other policies that are the backbone of courier insurance.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation protects your workers when they experience illness or injury on the job. It will pay their medical expenses but also covers lost income from missing work.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Protect your vehicles and drivers with auto insurance. This insurance pays for vehicular damage in an accident and covers medical expenses related to injuries.

Cargo Insurance

You’re the last step between your customer and what they need. Make sure that if their goods are accidentally damaged on your truck you won’t be liable for the replacement cost with cargo insurance.

Business Owner’s Policy

Combine your property and general liability policy into one package with a business owner’s policy. Bundling your coverage can provide significant discounts for the same levels of coverage.

When you look into specialized insurance for couriers you know you’re getting the right coverage for your business so you can get on with taking care of your customers.