What knives to bring on a camping trip?

A variety of knives exist these days. Here are a few that I suggest bringing with you so you’re prepared in any situation.

Folding Pocket Knife – This is a small yet essential tool to have. It’s light weight and folds up nice and small so you can carry it easily. It can be used for a variety of things such as cutting some string, fishing line, or even cutting fruit.

Tactical Knife – Usually this is big and looks military based. You can use it to clean fish, skin your game, or even as self defense from wild animals.

Fixed Blade Knife – This is a knife with a big blade and usually a nice handle that’s easy to grip firmly. They are solid, they don’t flake under pressure, and sometimes they have a serrated edge on one side.

Remember… knives are sharp! So be smart, use caution, and be safe.

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