What You Should Know About Fellow Employee Coverage

You may have heard the term, fellow employee coverage, but you really don’t have an understanding of what it does. Well, you are not alone because there are many other business owners out there who either have not heard of this coverage, or are not aware of all of the factors involving it. Generally, it is thought to be an insurance coverage that protects employees from being sued by other employees in the case of an injury or accident. This type of coverage is usually incorporated into a business auto insurance coverage but it can also be used for people who are in high risk jobs, including construction sites, mining, environmental jobs, and drivers of commercial vehicles.
While there are some articles out there that say fellow employee coverage is there to protect employees from being sued, there are other articles that say it is not a guarantee that the employee will not be sued by another employee. You should also know that having this type of coverage can provide additional benefits for the employee was injured on top of their workers compensation benefits. Because insurance can be confusing to understand, you should take the time to research fellow employee coverage before deciding if it is the best choice for your company and your employees. Your insurance agent should be able to evaluate your company and its needs and can customize your current insurance policy to include this additional coverage, providing additional support to employees. Click here for more information.