What Your Marine Repair Liability Should Cover

Merrimac Marine

It takes special skills to repair boats and other marine equipment. It also takes special protection to cover the risks repair personnel take. Your engine repair insurance should protect you if customers accuse you of either damaging their property or making a mistake that results in injury or death.

Property Damage

One small error can result in extensive loss. Your professional liability coverage should pay the costs of damages as well as legal fees. Several types of loss are likely covered by your marine repairer insurance:

Damage is done during the repair process
Damage resulting from repairs up to a year after completion
Pollution of a vessel during repairs
Owner’s loss of income if additional repairs delay work
Bodily Injury

Being on the water can be dangerous if everything doesn’t work properly. If you make a mistake during engine repair that results in injury or death of someone on the boat, you may be sued by the customer. As seen on Merrimac Marine, your insurance should cover medical bills for injuries that result from the error or a settlement with the family of the deceased.
When you are entrusted with repairing boats, you need adequate insurance coverage for the risks involved. Whether you do bodywork, engine repair or anything in between, your coverage protects you if something goes wrong.