When Is It A Classic And When Is It Just Plain Old?

Every year thousands of car enthusiasts meet all over the country. It seems that as soon as the temperature warms up, there is an automobile show somewhere. Some shows feature the newest models from various car makers insurance. Others specialize in older cars. Automobile clubs all over America have their annual meetings, where members get together to exchange ideas, trade, or show off their latest purchase. Regardless if you are a fan of the newest models or of the classic cars, you will need to insure your car. Classic cars fall into a category all by themselves when it comes to insurance rates. Getting Classic Car Insurance Online is a good option to find the best price.

When someone gets a car insured, several factors play a role when the rates are determined. The make and model of the car is always a factor.  The age and value of the car are also considered in the insurance rate. Determining if a car is just old or considered a classic is not always easy. This classification has a considerable impact on the value that is assigned to the car.

Classic Car Insurance Online lets you see the stipulations and conditions from each company ahead of time. You can see if you and/or your car qualify. It used to be that cars older than 20-25 years were automatically collectibles or classics. This is not the case anymore. Mass produced cars from the 1970s and 1980s are not classics in most cases. It all depends on the kind of car it is.

The stipulations each insurance company imposes on the owner of a classic car can be quite extensive. Some require all members of the household to have at least 10 years of driving experience. The classic car cannot be driven on a regular basis. Most insurance companies have certain requirements for the storage of the car as well. Some even require each licensed driver to have a car for daily use that has to be less than 15 years old. Your monthly premium may include a certain allowance for miles that you can drive your car, but that is not always the case.

Looking for the insurance that is right for you can take some time. Knowing what requirements have to be met in order to get your car insured will help you to make the right choice. Getting a classic car insurance online is fast, easy and convenient. Most insurance companies are happy to answer all of your questions and work with you. They will offer you different plans with different options.  Shopping around can save a lot of money. You may be able to find an insurance policy with the least restrictions and the best price.





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