When Your Boss Calls You Stupid

I would have quit, but I wanted to prove him wrong; to show him that I wasn’t stupid, that I wasn’t a piece of shit worker. I worked my ASS off and my boss at the time gave me a verbal beating in front of customers. It’s one thing to call me out if I’m doing something wrong, it’s another if I’m doing what’s right and I still get berated for it. (I’m a bartender, I refused to serve someone who was heavily intoxicated. Boss came up, pointed his finger in my face and gave me a yelling for a good couple minutes. Literal yelling. It was the closest I’ve ever come to headbutting someone in my life)

Yeah, I was upset for quite a while. Still am really, when I think about it. He fired me a few days later AFTER a 10 hour shift, no pay. Did me a favor though, last time I work for a coke head/alcoholic.

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