Whitby cottages – your next holiday!

For over 100 years, Whitby has been a favourite holiday destination for thousands of people. The balance of relaxing countryside, scenic coastline and historic buildings makes the perfect holiday for those looking for a little more culture than a beach holiday but none of the hustle and bustle of staying in a busy town. With this rise in visitors from up and down the country (as well as abroad) Whitby cottages are becoming increasingly popular holiday accommodation for tourists in the town.

It’s down to the holiday maker’s personal preference as to where they stay – but Whitby cottages are a fair compromise between roughing it and all out extravagance. You can get some really nice Whitby cottages for 7 nights for a couple of hundred pounds, whereas you’d probably be looking at three times that amount for a stay in a nice hotel for the same period of time.

In addition to the cost savings, the locations of some Whitby cottages are remarkable. Many are down on the seafront, just minutes away from the harbour and numerous award winning restaurants. You’ll struggle to find a better location at seaside resorts in other parts of the country. There are also a number of quaint and delightful towns and villages within a 30 minute drive of Whitby, each with a good number of holiday cottages – Robin Hood’s Bay, Goathland, Hutton-le-Hole and Fylingthorpe to name a few.

What should you look for in Whitby cottages? You need to give this some thought, but in general, it depends what time of year you are visiting the place. If you’re heading over in summer, be sure to look for Whitby cottages that have a nice big garden or patio decking where you can sit out and enjoy a barbecue. If you’re taking a winter break, make sure your Whitby holiday cottage has central heating that will keep you warm, or even better, an open fireplace where you can burn coal and wood. Sitting in front of a cosy, warm fireplace with the weekend newspaper is one of the great pleasures in life!

Do you enjoy cooking? Give some thought to looking at Whitby cottages with decent kitchens, or alternatively, you can dine out at restaurants. There are many good restaurants in Whitby town centre, and you’re guaranteed to be catered for regardless of whether you want pizza, steak or seafood. But for those who like cooking, make sure you take a look at the kitchen of your cottage – some Whitby cottages have quite traditional kitchens which may not be the same standard as the one you have at home. That said though, there are still a lot of Whitby cottages that have great mod-cons and you can cook to your heart’s content!

Whitby cottages are renowned for being full of character, mainly because so many of them are old. The majority have been built out of brick and are at least 100 years old. If you’re thinking of looking at some Whitby cottages, with a view to buying one, make sure you get a proper survey done. The vast majority of Whitby cottages have excellent structure and are built to last, but you don’t want to end up with a huge bill for repairs shortly after moving in! Also, some Whitby cottages are grade II listed. This means that they are places of historic interest (they may have some interesting features on the outside, be it a chimney, stone carving or even an old window) and you’re limited on what you can actually do to these Whitby cottages. For example, if you want to erect a satellite dish on a grade II listed building, you’d almost certainly have to apply for planning permission from the local council – and even then you might have to come to a compromise!

Whitby cottages are the perfect getaway, and hundreds are available for rental all year round. Go to www.cottageswhitby.com for an extensive collection of the finest Whitby cottages available, including cottages in Whitby town centre, Robin Hood’s Bay and Fylingthorpe, as well as villages further afield, including Pickering and Malton.

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