Why All the Hate Towards Christians?

I think this is the very first time I have ever rec’ed one of your posts. There is the fact that the world hates God, or Jesus, and so if they see Him on you, they will hate you for the reminder you represent. There is also the fact that there are so many charlatans out there who give God a bad name. However, using that as an excuse to just dislike an entire group is not very wise. In American culture, as far as the media and most entertainment programming, Christians are the only group it is perfectly acceptable to stereotype, make fun of, and openly hate. 

@Celestial_Teapot – But Jesus said not to be ashamed, and that if you were, He would be of you before His father. What kind of true believing Christian would *not* thank God publicly for His blessings? You mean to think that a person could have an opportunity to plant a seed in the hearts of millions, and they should refuse…….How would that go over when they stand before God and see all those millions going to hell? How would that look that they, who were so richly blessed by God, did not even give God the credit for it, and made no attempt to show all those millions another way? I think not to would be much more hypocritical of him. 

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