Why Businesses May Require Aviation Liability

Every business requires some form of business liability or general liability coverage. In the aviation industry, there are a variety of unique risks. General liability policies usually exclude aviation-related accidents.

If you’re considering what type of insurance coverage you need, you need to consider liability coverage. Here is why you cannot rely on basic insurance policies for your aviation business.

Why Do You Need Special General Liability Coverage?

Aviation general liability is similar to a commercial general liability policy. General liability coverage helps when someone is injured on your property or because of your actions. Unfortunately, most general liability policies do not cover aviation-related exposures.

What Is Considered an Aircraft?

Aviation insurance is for companies that have higher risk profiles because they deal with aviation. Most transportation businesses do not carry the same risks that those in the aviation industry do. Generally, aviation coverage is for planes, helicopters and other aircraft. However, what you may not know is that this also includes drones. If your insurance policy excludes aircraft, you need an aviation policy/

Suppose you work in the aviation industry, but your policies do not cover injuries or property damage caused by aircraft. In that case, you need to invest in insurance that covers these unique risks. Aviation liability policies may be helpful to all businesses that operate on airport property.