Why Do Some Older Men Prefer To Date Younger Women?

I have figured this out….well for my age group anyway (25 this year) all the guys my age date younger girls because they are happy if you just have a car and a job, girls my age date older guys because they have a career and future plans haha and expect more from them, well are more likely to. This is obviously just a bunch of generalisations…but still. From the point of view of your post,  I think a 40 year old would like to date me more so than a fellow 40 year old because I’m not bitter about life  at all (not saying all 40 year olds are bitter about life! Of course they aren’t), because I have experienced less, no divorce, no kids, no major relationship breakdowns however on the other side of the coin, I may drink and go out too much, be too flaky, and not be established enough. It just comes down to personal preference.

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