Why I Support Gun Control

A few years ago they took twin cities and in one city they took all the guns, in the other city it was required everyone carry a gun.  Bet ‘cha can’t guess which city had the crime rate go down.  A thug walks into a Stop n Rob grocery.  The only two people in the store is the cashier and a little old granny.  Now us little old grannies don’t like to put up with some upstart kid in the first place and in the second place many are on fixed incomes and can’t spare losing their cash.  Don’t mess with a little old granny with a gun.  Every so often a granny fighting for what is hers hits the news.  The important thing, as has been pointed out by people that want to outlaw guns, people need to be reviewed for their abilities every few years.  Dementia could be dangerous.  People need to go to gun ranges and practice, learn the laws and proper handling of the chosen piece, then and only then be licenced to carry one.  I have my CHL.  If all criteria have been met, I am with Heston, “From my cold dead hands”.

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