Why Industry-Specific Marine Insurance Matters

club marine boat insurance

If you’re looking to insure your boat club, there are two approaches. You can bargain hunt for rates for each individual type of protection you need, going to major providers for general liability and risk insurance while finding specialized coverage for the unique provisions you need because of your organization’s position as a private member club with entertainment and venue income as well as various maritime obligations. This can be a hassle even when it saves money, and it doesn’t always save. Very often, a comprehensive club marine boat insurance policy can be crafted to give you the liability and risk coverage items you need with specific language that reflects your role in the waterfront community.

Protect Members and Their Vessels

Every boat club is different, but most of them have a couple of services in common. If your club offers marina services, you need insurance that protects the liability you take on when allowing members to dock at your facilities in a long-term arrangement. You’ll also need coverage for any rentals you offer, provisions to cover instructors and club property if you offer classes, and coverage for liability related to any boat launch, drydock, or repair facilities on site. Since not every club will have every one of these items, bundling your insurance needs together in a customized package that covers just what you need is usually cheaper than going with very general policies where you can and separate policies for your marine-specific risks.