Why Insurance is Necessary for Assisted Living


Running an assisted living facility gives older members of the population a safe place to live. Assisted living is still a business, however, and as such, it needs to have the right protections in place for residents, workers, and visitors alike. Here is why assisted living liability insurance is necessary to have for everyone’s benefit.

It Protects Against Accidents That Can Occur

It is possible for accidents to occur in an assisted living facility. This can include the residents who live there, and happen to fall or otherwise hurt themselves, and even the staff that serves them. Vistors and other outsiders can also hurt themselves on the premises. Having liability insurance in place is necessary, in case anyone or more of the parties decides to press charges against the facility and sue. Source: http://www.huntersure.com

Insurance Can Save the Facility Money

Although it might sound like it would cost additional money upfront, assisted living liability insurance can prevent an institution from losing money. That is because the insurance would take care of the money portion that was either won or settled out of court. This can prevent an unintended shutdown of a facility.

Having liability insurance for an assisted living home is important. It can protect against accidents that occur and keep the building itself from being shut down, all while protecting those who live and work there.