Why Teachers Need Coverage

Professional Liability Insurance

Teaching in the United States: It's not an easy task. One must believe that teachers get a VIP
entrance when it's their time to enter the pearly gates at last. You know the risks that come with
the profession, so take the steps to protect yourself before any issues arise.

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI)

Even two decades ago PLI for teachers was not as important as it is today. An unfortunate reality
of working in the education field in the 21st century is that you are exposed to so much that you
could be potentially liable for. By investing in PLI, you' re protecting yourself against threats such
• Claims of abuse or assault by a student
• Accusations of mistreatment or failure to educate
• Violating the civil rights of the students
It seems sad that this should be something that you need to guard yourself against but think
about how connected the world is today. Cameras and microphones exist all over the place —
namely in the very hands of your students — and things can get out of hand very quickly. By
giving yourself the peace of mind in PLI, you know that you' re safeguarded against some of the
worst of the worst scenarios that any educator can find themselves in. Check out
www.caitlin-morgan.com to find out more about the subject and what you need to know.