Why Work?

I imagine that people who rely so heavily on the “system” do not realize how much personal freedom they give up. Sure, they get free benefits/ food/ housing. But they cannot live anywhere they want, I imagine they have to choose among the government-funded housing. They cannot negotiate a raise, their benefits are dependent upon government officials and agencies. I am not familiar with the UK’s system, but in the US, government-funded healthcare plans only cover particular doctors, so medical options are limited. They might get financial support from the government, but even that will not cover every emergency that comes up. It is a minimally supportive life, but not a strong, independent one.

Every parent I know wants to give their child a better life than they had growing up. By relying on government assistance, this family’s opportunities are limited. And the child grows up with their role models demonstrating the essence of self entitlement, instead of the qualities of hard work, perseverance and work ethic. 

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