Women Are Too Weak

LOL  I could pass the males’ physical fitness test.  That just made them attack me more because they perceived me as a threat, so they called me a whore, which is the only insult they could muster.  It’s quite deadly though because so many people want it to be true, something to do.

The only way to make it fair is to lower the standard for both to an acceptable level and keep weaker people out.  To get the numbers they need, they’re going to have to draft women or force people to go into the service.

When I was in, it was like reject heaven.  Not everyone, but several.  They were the people who couldn’t pass college, who had been arrested numerous times and other issues.  They fell out before their contracts expired, which is a waste.  I don’t know how many people we lost in basic/AIT due to physical/mental issues.  I am a reject, I know.  I made it three years though, and I went into weapons testing then they continued to use me, failing to realize that I was an experiment.  Yes, I was psychotic prior, but I’d functioned a long time like that. The fact that a T-rex was talking to me wasn’t really a big surprise, nor was it that distracting until the orange nano-stuff that made me weird.

Basically, this whole, “We can have a volunteer army” is stupid.  We need the healthy people of the nation.

There are plenty of stronger ones.

Yes, when I was being stalked by the gangs, I peed in my driveway, and I peed in El Paso, and I’ve peed on the side of the road, etc. IF you know me, you know I’m wild anyway and will do things that most won’t, and I also don’t mind filth. Oh,  I will say a big difference between males and females though is that males are much cleaner, and no, I don’t mean that it’s due to periods.

@paoguy118 – you should have seen what they were writing on Yahoo about that.  I let them keep going in their fantasy.

@Erika_Steele – omg, we’re related, I swear.  When I was being stalked, I sent in a concrete block in my driveway. The neighbors were like, OMG.  I am not shy about those things.

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