Women Don’t Work as Hard as Men

Oh Pulllease.    Does she not have kids?  “I understand, women want to be at home with the kids, and their husbands.”    Honey, that’s just more work that we don’t get paid for.

Ugh!!!  She needs to go work at a daycare, where the women bust their asses all day, and get paid squatt.  Then come back and get on her podium with her “women don’t work as hard” crap.

And what did she do?  Google statistics the morning of her speech?  No solid or convincing evidence.  The MOST obscure examples of justification for every one of her points.  And her point was?  Women don’t work as hard?  Shouldn’t get paid as much or more? 

Sit down, woman, before somebody smacks you.

@wizexel22 – Lol, I was thinking the exact same thing.  I mean really, how are you gonna sit there and bash all Okies because they’ve got a few idiots that made it to the news..

*rolls eyes*

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