Would You Invest in Pot?

One reason it would be too risky an investment is because there are still knuckle draggers like the person above Godfather. Besides that, it would be risky for other reasons. A commission in Colorado, where I live, just sent forward their recommendations to the governor and state legislature about how to regulate MJ. I kid you not, the recommendations are dissertation thick. As one who has “invested” in the trade for quite a long time, I sense that if an encyclopedia of regulations are adopted, the status of MJ being legal will become moot. The trade will simply go back underground again. Why? Cheaper, and less hassle. Then there is the queston about the Fed’s intentions. Even though Obama publicly stated after his re-election, and upon MJ being legalized in WA and CO, that the federal government has better things to do that go after MJ, his attorney general seems to not hear the message. Obama made a similar statement when first elected in 2009 about states with medical MJ laws. And Mr. Holder’s goon squads not more than two years later started harassing medical pot establishments and threatening state governments. Now they simply refuse to be straight with the states about their intentions by remaining silent, even though our governor has asked repeatedly for clarification. Holder is holding enforcement over everyone’s head. And here I thought that was just a dirty republican trick. I think I would rather invest in something more certain….like Wall Street.

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