Xanga and Homosexual Cheating

Xanga and Homosexual Cheating

Over the years on xanga, I have watched people respond to the revelation that their spouse was homosexual. I remember a certain religious lady on xanga who found out her husband was gay.


They had children together. She was devastated when she found out that he wanted to be with another man. She spoke about how it was against the teachings of the Bible. She also told of the feelings of rejection and the insecurity of thinking she may have failed as a wife and a woman.

She wondered whether she was just not attractive. Some of her friends told her it was for the better. That her husband was born that way. He could not help it. Others said that even if he was gay, he was wrong for cheating on her. Some provided ongoing emotional support and others condemned her for her judgmental ways.


A certain man on xanga found out his wife wanted to have sex with another woman. He asked if he could watch and maybe join in.

Is it me, or are women more complicated than men?

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