Xanga Footprints

It bothers me because people from Xanga have materialized in the mortal world before.  I recently had two visitors in fancy cars.  They found my signal.  I know because they stopped right outside of my window.  It was my computer they were after.  I hope they know that the only reason I ever turn up as interest is because of them.  It’s like when you kill a nobody journalist how they become famous.

Nothing I say is of interest or matters.  I go into the din most of the time.

So far, I’ve been able to deal with them.  I’m not taking my luck for granted.

I don’t like when people who don’t have a Xanga visit my site.  I’ve allowed them to only because I was trying to spread for a while, and I wanted to know what they were doing.  I’m about to turn them off though.

 Most of them are spybots.  They mine data.

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