Xanga: How it All Began

I got started in here I think because of well organized Xanga was. It encouraged me to build, and I’ve always been examining blogging systems and to this date, Xanga topped them all.

It was very well designed, you could have folders of images, all carefully categorized by name, and Xanga had the best ability to determine when you were visited.

With footprints, feedback, comments, and personal messages, all carefully tallied and calculated. It was a system you could eagerly and earnestly login every day if not every hour to find something new and amazing in and you knew exactly if and when you were visited and how to work that into your blogs.

Theo, your site IMHO will be missed most. You have brought out some amazing topics and subjects to talk about. You were witness to me being empathic, sympathetic, considerate, silly, cynical, sarcastic, crazy, and even melting down and perhaps only days apart from each other.

I am only human – and sometimes I have to tell myself that each week.

It’s been a great ride you have provided for us – I know there are still days left before the countdown – but I’m just sorry to see it end so soon. It’s almost like it’s raining outside. I will miss you …

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