Xanga Meetup/End of the World Schedule


It’s pretty simple.

12:00 PM: We meet at the front gates of the Houston Zoo. I think we’ll wait around out there for 30-45 minutes or so, just to make sure no one got lost on the way or something. (I suggest wearing sunscreen, lol.) Afterwards, we will make our way through parts of the zoo for a couple of hours, give or take a bit depending on the level of entertainment or boredom. Admission is $12.

3:00 PM: We can head on over to the Houston Museum of Natural Science. It’s like a ten-minute walk from the zoo, over a lovely hill. Unfortunately, Google maps doesn’t show that very well, but don’t worry, I’m an expert at walking over that hill. There are quite a few exhibitions that can be seen here and I think the prices depend on which one (or more) we choose.

5:30-6:00 PM: At this point we should probably start heading to the restaurant of our choosing for dinner so we don’t have to wait for an hour to be seated, lol. My suggestions are the following: Lupe Tortilla (my absolute favorite Tex-Mex restaurant here, with the best margaritas ever), The Grand Lux Cafe (if y’all are into something a little swankier-looking, but still with perfectly reasonable prices and amazing food), or The Black Labrador (which consists of English food, so a little strange, but it’s super close to the zoo and the museum as well).

Stop in and join us.  Send me or Serena a private message if you want to jump in.

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