You Can Thank James Earl Ray For Getting Monday Off

You Can Thank James Earl Ray For Getting Monday Off

Tomorrow I want you to take the time to thank James Earl Ray for your day off.

Without him, you would have to work or go to school.  He assassinated Martin Luther King who was involved in the civil rights movement.  And because of that assassination, you get a day off.

Now in most cases, we don’t take off complete days for one single person in the U.S.  You have Jesus.  We get two days for Him.  We celebrate His birth.  We also celebrate the fact He was risen from the dead.  But Jesus was God and He was involved in creation and He came to the Earth to die for our sins.  That is a pretty big deal.

But the rest of our holidays do not center around a person.  You have Thanksgiving which revolved around the successful stealing of Indian land.  You have Memorial Day which is all about remember those who sacrificed for our country with their lives.

But only Martin Luther King gets a national holiday dedicated to him.  We get a day off because James Earl Ray assassinated Martin Luther King and white guilt causes us to sort of make up for it. 

I am not sure that Martin Luther King’s contribution was significantly greater than so many others who even died for our country.  If you have any black friends (or you just happen to see one), make sure you mention the important contribution of James Earl Ray.  They will appreciate your sense of history.

Be sure and take time tomorrow to reflect on James Earl Ray and his contribution to your day off. 

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