Your Protected Photos are Not As Private As You Think

Your Protected Photos are Not As Private As You Think

Your protected photos on xanga may not be as private as you thought.  Many of you have posted a protected post at one time or another.  Many of you have also posted a photo on your site protected.  And probably many of you thought that meant that the photo itself was not public.

That is actually incorrect.  Every photo you post on xanga including your protected photos is actually public.

I have asked a few ladies on xanga to help me illustrate my that point.  I asked them to post photos of themselves as protected photos on their site.  Now we are going to show how those photos are still public.

Lets take Kett for example.

She posted the following photo on a protected post.

But this photo is actually public.  She posted it in a protected post.  You just can’t see it.

But do you realize the source of that photo is public.  And the source of every photo on xanga is public even if you make it protected. 

Here is the actual source link for the photo:  Link  The source of the photo is a link that looks like this:

Now here is another example from Kett:

The above photos is on a protected post.  But here is the source link:  Link  And this is what the source link looks like:

This is the lovely jmelove-x

The above photo is also a protected photo on her site.  But once again, the source of the photo is actually public.

Here is the source link:  Link  Here is the actual link written out:

Here is the beautiful Miss_Vincent

You guessed it.  This is her photo and the photo is protected.  You can not see it if you go to her site.  But the source link is available.

Here is the source link:  Link

Here is another photo of her that is protected:

Here is the source link:  Link

Now many of you are probably wondering if this is true.  So go check for yourself.  Go to any photo that you have that is protected on xanga.  Go to that page.  Now if you are in firefox, just go to the top of your page and click on the link marked “view.”  Then click on the dropdown link marked “page source.”  Or if you are not in firefox, just go to the page of your protected photo and hit the “control” button and hit the “u” button on your keyboard.

Now you will see a pop up with a bunch of code.  That is the code for that page of your xanga site.  Go down about a third of the page and look for your photo link.  Don’t look for the photo link itself because it will be protected.  Go to the actual source link.  The start of the link should start with something like “http://” it should have a letter and a few numbers and then it should say “” and then it should have a series of numbers with a “.png” or “jpg” ending.  Now copy and paste that code.  Sign out of your site and then look.  Your photo is public.

Your photo can be accessed without even signing into xanga.  It is a public photo.  Now I know what you are thinking.  That is a bunch of numbers and they are random.  But the numbers are not as random as you think.

But either way, A simple program could be designed to go through each number and another program could be added to that program to identify only the numbers that have a photo.  So a person could pretty quickly narrow down the photos and then have the photos play out one at a time for a few seconds and find what they are looking for.  It would be impossible for them to identify the photo with the blog unless your face was showing. 

Either way, your protected photos are not as private as you thought.


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